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Bookbinding Supplies

Ann Muir Marbling Marbled paper
Atelier Mombelli General bookbinding tools, pointe, Chromglanz, Ascona tool
Bindery Tools Presses, cutters, etc., new & used
Blick Art General art supplies
Bookmakers General bookbinding tools
Bookmarc Leather
DemeTECH Scalpel blades--inexpensive
Harmatan Leather
Hewit & Sons Leather, bookbinding tools
Harcourt Bindery General bookbinding tools
Hollander’s Papers, general bookbinding tools & supplies, bookbinding classes
GBW Supplies Directory Links to many suppliers
L.A. Gold Leaf Gold leaf
Lineco General art supplies
Lucie Lapierre Marbled paper, hand made, many 17th, 18th, 19th century styles
McClain’s Nori paste
McMaster-Carr 3M sanding blocks & sandpaper rolls
Nielsen-Bainbridge Mat board & frames
Owosso Graphic Arts Tooling dies, custom made
P&S Engraving Finishing tools
saveoncrafts General art supplies
Shepherds General bookbinding tools
Talas General bookbinding tools & supplies & papers, conservation supplies
Tannerie Rémy Carriat Leather: buffalo skins, ask for Sherpa brand
Timothy Moore Fine wooden presses & sewing frames
Twinrocker Handmade paper
Ulster Linen Company Irish linen
University Products General bookbinding supplies
US Plastics Washing trays, bottles & other plastic products
Volcano Arts Books in sheets
William Cowley Leather: alum tawed & vellum
Tel: +44 1908 610 038

American Academy of Bookbinding

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Society of Bookbinders

Designer Bookbinders

Fine Binders
Eric Alstrom
Karen Hanmer
Scott Kellar
Monique Lallier
Priscilla Spitler
Peter Verheyen

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