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Barreda Brothers Log Books

I have three manuscript log books in my collection from the 19th century sailing ship Barreda Brothers, all compiled by Capt. Peele. They include the following dates:

25 July 1854 to 3 July 1855
9 August 1855 to 31 August 1857
 - - - - - -
30 October 1858 to 23 December 1859

A few years back the Ten Pound Island bookshop in Massachusets sold another Barreda Brothers log book that appears from the on-line description to fill in the gap in the logs that I currently have.

I am very interested in purchasing that log book to complete the continuity of my collection. If anyone knows its owner, please ask them to email me at johnmackrell@comcast.net or call me at (734) 604-0992.

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The three log books

Another view of the bindings

A page spread of the log

Detail of the manuscript

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